About Booking

Fill out the form below to request booking The Rogue Electrics for a live performance at your event. The form below contains the essential questions we ask about every show to venue owners or event coordinators. The more information you can provide, the greater chance for success the show will have. 

About Rates: The rates we charge for the show will be discussed via email after we receive and review the booking form and factor in all show details. 

Details about required information:

Type of Event: If you selected 'other' please let us know additional details in "Any other relevant event details" field. 

Address of Venue/Event: Give us the address of your event or venue so we know exactly where we are going. If extra logistics are needed to get to where we will be playing, please add them to the "Any other relevant event details" field.

Set start time - Set end time? Let us know the exact desired start time and end time of our set. If there are any requirements for us to take a break in the middle please add that to the "Any other relevant event details" field. 

Stage Location : Indoor/Outdoor: Knowing if the stage is inside or outside will help with equipment choices. For outdoor events, it helps to add some details about if the stage is covered, inclement weather fallback plans, rescheduling/cancelation policies to "Any other relevant event details" section.

What time can we arrive to load in and set up? Setup and load times can vary depending on the details of the event and venue. We need a minimum of 2 hours before the start time of the performance to load in and setup if you need us to provide our own sound/light equipment. For shows where sound and lights are provided by a sound person or team, we need a minimum of 1 hour to set up our part of the stage and do a basic soundcheck. 

 Will there be a sound person/team present at the event to handle live sound? For venues where sound and lights are provided, but no sound person is present during the event that knows how to work the equipment, we will need details on the equipment that is present at the venue to know if it will work for our setup or not. In this case please add this information to "Any other relevant event details" field. If a sound company is providing sound for the event, having their contact information ahead of time is helpful so we can send them our stage plot and sound requirements. Add their contact information or company name to the "Any other relevant event details" if you have it.


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