Circuit Breakers Live Album to be released 6/21/2024

BIG NEWS! Our live album "Circuit Breakers" is set to release on June 21st! 

This process started in 2021 when we started recording all of our live shows. It hasn't been easy. We were quickly humbled by the instant feedback we got from the recordings. It pushed us to make our live show better and this album is the result of that. It contains 11 of our favorite performances of some of our most popular songs recorded at our live shows over the last few years. We sifted through over 400 tracks and 1.5 days worth of audio to compile this album. 

The tracks we picked are very tight performances of our most well received songs that frequent our live setlists. These songs capture the 4 members of the band relating to each other in the moment to create a sound bigger than the sum of its parts. That being said, the performances are not “perfect”. We didn’t go into the studio and overdub any small mistakes or do any major editing whatsoever. We wanted people to be able to hear the humanity of real people giving their all to perform songs the best they can live. In a world where computers are taking over in music we want to inspire people to embrace the human element. The mistakes I mention are not anything that is dealbreaking to the track, but they are things that other musicians might obsess over and stop them from wanting to release it, or force them back into the studio to go make edits. We consciously did not do that. The performance you hear on this album is what came off the board on the day we played the track live for real people at a real venue.

The album title, Circuit Breakers, comes from our mindset that we created this band to offer the greater Wisconsin music scene something different. We started this band because we couldn't easily find local bands playing accessible original music influenced by all of the timeless rock music we love. We try to break the mold of what a rock band based in Wisconsin is by focusing on creating new music and performing live shows of primarily original music even when the scene tends to gravitate towards cover bands. We aren't here to just follow what everyone else is doing because it seems to be popular. We are here to break the circuit. We have endured endless headwinds over our history due to the lack of infrastructure and open minded-ness towards booking original bands at events where there are built-in crowds. Circuit Breakers is dedicated to all those who booked us, came to a show, told us they liked what we were doing, bought our records and merch, appreciated our music, and encouraged us to keep going. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do. 

PS: It didn't hurt that we tripped a few actual circuit breakers at multiple venues during this run with all of our gear. THE POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL CAN NOT BE DENIED!
Summer shows in support of this release will be added to our shows page in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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